• 08/07/2018

Achieving the Modern Look with Shutters

Achieving the Modern Look with Shutters

Achieving the Modern Look with Shutters 1000 667 Guardian Screens & Shutters

If you enjoy sleek, modern interiors, clean lines and light-filled, spacious rooms, you should consider window shutters for a modern home look. Whether they’re in a living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, modern shutters are a fantastic way of achieving a crisp look with clean lines on your window treatment.

Made from aluminium or thermopoly, modern shutters are attractive as well as being easy to maintain and durable when it comes to weather and pest resistance. Adjustable blades allow you to take full control of privacy and light in your home. Shutters are the ultimate solution when it comes to achieving style, elegance and practicality in your home decor.


Get the Colour Scheme Right

White is a top choice when it comes to choosing the colour of window shutters for a modern home. However, modern shutters can come in a wide range of colours with a durable, UV resistant finish. Choose your shutter colour based on existing furniture or follow the lead of your shutters when colour scheming the rest of your interior.

Shades of grey are currently trendy, as is the contrast of black and white for a striking, dramatic look. While less common, some homeowners opt for a block of colour which can pop against white used elsewhere in the room. From vibrant reds to deep blues, shutters can come in any colour you wish. There’s no limit to your shutter ideas!


Choosing Other Interior Features with Your Shutters

Shutters are perfect for a modern home look because of their clean, neat appearance. If you want to achieve a true contemporary style, you should keep other accessories to a minimum. Statement pieces like a single vase, sculptural light or plant with architectural foliage work well. Wall displays with prints in plain frames and bookshelves also work well.


Shutters – A Long History of Style and Elegance

Shutters are one of the most traditional ways to enhance a window. The ancient Greeks first invented shutters which were then fixed louvers made of marble. This was certainly beautiful and stylish, but not very practical. However, the light control, protection and ventilation made it a widely popular window covering for centuries to come.

As time passed and the popularity of shutters spread throughout the Mediterranean, wood replaced the marble slates and movable louvers could be used to adjust light and air. They eventually became a top choice for colonial mansions and royal estates. Today, aluminium and thermopoly shutters offer the ultimate solution for achieving elegance in any home. They are slim, clean, smooth and far more durable than their wooden counterparts.


Looking for Modern Shutters in Brisbane?

Guardian Screens & Shutters are specialist suppliers of top-quality shutters, screens and security doors in Brisbane. Ask our experts to help you achieve a stylish contemporary look in your house with the right window dressings. Call us on (07) 380 81308, or you can contact us online, and we’ll get in touch at a time that suits you.


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