Crimsafe® Screen Cyclone Protection

Purpose-built Crimsafe cyclone debris screens use 1.2mm 304 grade high-tensile stainless steel mesh and our unique Screw-Clamp technology, combined with a 100mm build-out. The build-out provides 100mm of space between the debris screen and the face of the window, preventing the glass from shattering if impacted by flying debris.

Crimsafe passes the highest levels for cyclone debris screening according to the requirements of Australian Standard AS 1170.2:2011.

Benefits of Crimsafe Patio Enclosures

Tropical cyclones can be terrifying. These ferocious weather systems unleash violent winds, torrential rain, and storm surges that ravage homes and disrupt family life. Australia’s cyclone season occurs between the months of October to May and it is never too early to prepare.

Until now options to protect your home against the dangers of flying debris without sacrificing the street appeal of your home were extremely limited – unattractive metal screens, shutters, or grille. Unfortunately, they are also limited in their effectiveness.

Now Crimsafe offers a commercial grade cyclone debris screen for residences and businesses, that will protect against storm-driven debris from winds up to 392kph and at the same time provide security from intruders and allow you to enjoy the tropical lifestyle all year round.


Impressive test results show Crimsafe not only passes the highest levels for Cyclonic Debris Screening according to the requirements of AS1170.2:2011 but also leads the industry with the strongest aesthetically pleasing screens of this type.

Crimsafe Cyclonic Debis Screens PASS ALL RELEVANT REQUIREMENTS of AS 1170.2:2011 for the following impact levels.

• 34 m/s Crimsafe Cyclone Screens
• 40 m/s Crimsafe Cyclone Screens
• 44 m/s Crimsafe Cyclone Screens

Application Guide for Impact Protection

A chart guide explaining application for impact protection
A bungalow windows protected with Crimsafe Cyclone Screens
Secure your family, home
& possession with style
Keep your home safe from debris during tropical cyclones! Get Crimsafe impact screens installed by a leading window shutter company in Brisbane.


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