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One of the main concerns of any homeowner is how to keep their property safe from intruders. Every point of entry into your home is a potential target for an intruder, whether they are a burglar or a mosquito. Your patio can provide a means of entry, so it’s important to guard it the right way. Crimsafe’s patio enclosures offer excellent security for outdoor areas.

The most cost effective way to extend the usable living space in your home, Crimsafe enclosed patios are the standard in security screens.

Benefits of Crimsafe Patio Enclosures

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Crimsafe mesh is a great tool to enclose your patio because you can get the best of both worlds; enjoy privacy from inside your patio without sacrificing the view outside. Crimsafe helps you to maintain and enhance your outdoor lifestyle by giving you peace of mind.

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Many of our customers choose Crimsafe patio enclosures because of their many benefits, including their strength and durability against intruders. They provide a barrier against unwanted intruders as well as mosquitoes and other vermin, so you can enjoy your patio in the afternoon and during wet seasons!

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You can also enjoy the beautiful Brisbane weather from your patio without being made uncomfortable from the heat or sun. With Crimsafe, UV light is filtered through the mesh, providing increased comfort. The mesh also allows for excellent ventilation, so you can enjoy fresh air all year round without compromising security.

The Ultimate on Safety for Your Patio

Increase your living space without compromising on privacy or security with Crimsafe patio enclosures. It’s the easy way to create a new room in your home that offers seamless views, a closer connection to nature and high security. We use Crimsafe Ultimate to create ideal patios in Brisbane.

Every Crimsafe product that Guardian Screens & Shutters installs in Brisbane has been tested for ultimate security and safety:

  • Dynamic Impact Test
  • Knife Shear Test
  • Probe Test
  • Curtin University Category 3 Cyclone Missile test
  • BHP Category 4 Cyclone Ballistics Test

Added strength brings more versatility, allowing Crimsafe Ultimate to span larger areas like floor to ceiling patio enclosures that are built to last. Crimsafe Ultimate screens are 40% stronger than our regular product and seven times stronger than Australian standards require!

Crimsafe: Tried and Tested Safety

No matter the size or shape of your patio enclosure, you can rest assured that your family will be safe and secure.

Get in touch with Guardian Screens & Shutters to learn more about your options for Crimsafe patio enclosures. Call (07) 3808 1308 or contact us online.

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Crimsafe patio enclosures offer excellent security for outdoor areas. Contact Guardian Screens Shutters to enhance your home’s safety!


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