Crimsafe Product Testing

Recently, Crimsafe had the University of NSW Defence Force Academy* design a rigorous scientific test to determine exactly how much force Crimsafe screens can resist before breaking.

Crimsafe also tested stainless steel security screens bought directly from 9 leading competitors. The results were nothing but surprising.

Why choose Crimsafe

The University Of Queensland Australia JPEG logo

Graph prepared by Crimsafe based on tests conducted by The University of Queensland, 2017.

Aluminium and stainless steel perforated products use a single sheet of metal with holes punched in it to create the ‘screen’. Woven mesh screens (such as Crimsafe) use wires woven together to form a mesh screen.

Graph Diagram of Crimsafe based on tests conducted by The University of Queensland

* Single Impact ** Multiple Impacts

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Crimsafe security screens have been tested rigorously for security. Crimsafe product testing showed amazing results. Find out more about Crimsafe products!


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