Ziptrak® Indoor Blinds in Brisbane

Following years of research, Ziptrak® offers a fresh approach to window furnishings. By considering every limitation, the team at Ziptrak® developed a new interior blind system that’s entirely fresh; a track guided system that is incredibly simple to use.

A revolutionary advance for interior blinds.

The Benefits of Ziptrak® Indoor Window Blinds

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If you’re seeking a total block out effect for a home cinema room, bedroom or conference room, the Ziptrak® Interior system is the perfect choice. Since the fabrics sits within a side track, there are no light gaps present at either side or the bottom of the blind, unlike other types of indoor blinds. Light and translucent or heavy blackout – the choice is yours.

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Up to 40% of a room’s heating energy can be lost through windows in winter. Even more frightening is that in summer, up to 87% of its heat gained through windows. Ziptrak® indoor blinds are uniquely qualified to dramatically reduce these figures with the track guided system. Spend less money heating and cooling your space and enjoy a more comfortable life indoors.

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If you choose the high-performance, mesh-weave blind material, the window blinds can be left down over an open window. It acts as an insect-proof barrier, and won’t rattle in the wind, nor blow out and damage the blind. Let the fresh air inside, without being bothered by insects or your view being diminished by permanent fly screen.

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Residential Indoor Blinds

Ziptrak® blinds are fantastic for homes and apartment buildings of any size. The patented spring-balanced system means you can leave the blind at any height without needing cords or chains, making them much safer for children and animals. Large windows are well protected with high-quality insulation, and some materials include a reflective backing to bounce direct sunlight back inside.

Modern furnished empty conference meeting room with black out window blinds
Modern comfy bedroom with double bedroom and black out indoor window blinds

Commercial Indoor Blinds

Our commercial grade, child-safe window blinds are ideal for hotels, conference rooms, classrooms, medical facilities, office spaces and much more. The Ziptrak® track-guided system doesn’t let light creep in from the edges of the window, so you’ll achieve the desired blackout effect.

Secure your family, home
& possession with style
If you’re seeking total block out for a home cinema room, bedroom or conference facility, the Ziptrak® interior blinds system is the perfect choice.


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